7.19.2007 - I'm full of news...and why wouldn't I be? It's been two months (+) since the last update. To summarize:

The continued support from fans, friends, and family alike continues to rock my world. I desperately need to update other sections of this page, but there just isn't the time. My kingdom for a pro bono full-time web designer.

5.3.2007 - The tale has begun....


5.1.2007 - the First of May tribute to Joe Murphy tribute has been posted.

4.9.2007 - the Crescent Trailer:

Crescent Trailer 5.3.2007

4.6.2007 - May 3 2007. The story begins.

May 3rd 2007

2.26.2007 - February is coming to a close. What a month it has been! The Crescent Vignettes series kicked off this month and I've received a ton of great emails from people that haven't been able to sleep. Enjoying the Vignettes series? What to promote it? Here's a nifty lil' icon. :) Look for the Vignette #3 this week.

2.9.2007 - Happy Friday! It is official. I'm the winner of the first ever PodCast Pickle Pickle Tales competition. Thanks to everyone for the love and support. Expect to be hearing a lot outta me soon.

1.29.2007 - Dang. January is almost over. The Crescent site is now live. Head on over and subscribe.

In other news, I've advanced to the final round of Pickle Tales. Thanks for the good lovin' in getting me there.

You can hear my velvet voice on the following Podcasts:

1.10.2007 - Happy New Year! Pickle Tales Round 5 has been posted. Vist Pickle Tales to cast your vote. I'm playing a solo set at Iota on Friday night, along with playing with the Pharmacy Prophets. Come check it out.

12.13.2006 - Pickle Tales Round 3 has been posted. Vist Pickle Tales and check it out.