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Book reaches #52 in the Top 100 Bestsellers
Surging sales on July 9th land the book at #5 on the horror fiction charts announces book is available on Kindle
“Crescent is the last stop at the intergalactic crossroads of gritty sci-fi and pucker-inducing horror.”
–Scott Sigler, New York Times bestselling author of Contagious
“Crescent is the ultimate sci-fi / horror mashup. It’s a wicked blend of the claustrophobia seen in Ridley Scott’s Alien, and the viral demonology of Carpenter’s Prince Of Darkness with the hard-drinkin’ bad attitude of Battlestar Galactica added for good measure. The future has never been so frightening. Phil Rossi brings it.”
–J.C. Hutchins, author of Personal Effects: Dark Art and 7th Son: Descent
“Phil Rossi has crafted a space station tale with sex, horror, and vibrant attention to tech and human detail. Evocatively served, highly recommended.”
–Paul Levinson, author of The Plot to Save Socrates
(July 22, 2009) Ashburn, VA – Phil Rossi, a musician and author, announced today that his debut novel Crescent recently dominated the bestseller lists in several popular categories as well as in the Top 100. In addition, recently announced that the horror/sci-fi novel is now available on Kindle from July 9th, Crescent reached the top of several lists. is a popular online destination for book lovers everywhere. Crescent appeared on the following lists:

    # 1 in Movers and Shakers
    #3 in Hot New Horror Releases
    #5 in Horror
    #16 in Science Fiction and Fantasy
    #52 in the Amazon Top 100

after the author announced a “chart rush” and hosted a live uStream event, fans swarmed the site with orders and five-star reviews. Rossi shared the Amazon Horror top five with a popular vampire novel series.

“In less than one month after publication, fans old and new alike have embraced Crescent. I am grateful for the support of fans everywhere – from the original podcast devotees to the new readers. July 9th was just the beginning. Let’s keep the “Phil Rossi Scares Me” movement going!” said the author from his home in Virginia.

As a bonus, Rossi is giving away the Crescent Original Soundtrack (composed at the time of the initial podcast release) as a free digital download. On the final page of the novel is a promotional code that can be entered at Rossi’s web site to gain access to the soundtrack page.

“The [soundtrack] page will be periodically updated with extras—acoustic versions of songs, remixes, and so on, in effort to show fans my continual appreciation for their support.”

Crescent tells the story of Gerald Evans, a smoking, drinking salvage pilot and anti-hero with no small amount of self-love, who comes to Crescent Station seeking a small fortune and early retirement. He lands a lucrative contract with Crescent’s corrupt mayor, Ezra Kendall, only to get caught up in the mayor’s devious machinations. But, in the shadows, Gerald soon discovers that the evils of man are the least of his worries. An ancient malevolence is stirring within the bowels of the station; it’s hungry as hell, and it’s coming for everyone.

A writer, a musician, and an embracer of new media, Phil Rossi has a passion for story-telling matched only by the pleasure he derives from music. Crescent, Rossi’s debut novel, was originally released as a podcast in 2007 and was listed as “What’s Hot” on the iTunes Music Store Homepage, a featured iTunes Literature podcast, in iTunes Top 25 Literature Podcasts, #1 in Top 10, and has since lured 20,000 listeners into a dark, twisted world of nightmares and things that go bump in the night. Rossi’s writing has been paralleled to Stephen King, Philip K. Dick, and HP Lovecraft. He has a flair for vivid and often chilling imagery that lends itself to engrossing narratives and an undertone of inescapable, creeping dread. In addition to writing, Phil Rossi is a professional singer-songwriter in the Washington DC metropolitan area. His unique brand of Alt-Country/Rock and Roll, combines influences from 80’s New Wave to Blue Grass. In 2003, he was nominated by the Washington Area Music Association for Best New Artist.

Crescent is also under contract with Sydney, Australia based production company, Precision Pictures. The film project is currently under development.

At this time, Rossi is releasing a new novel, Harvey, as a free podcast. Harvey is the story of a musician and ex-popular-singing competition contestant, Calvin Hubbard, who travels to the small town of Harvey, Virginia to record his opus and regain his musical credibility. Harvey doesn’t turn out to be as quant and quiet as Calvin had hoped it would be. Someone or something is killing the town’s residents and it’s not long before Calvin, oblivious, steps right into the whole mess. In tandem with the podcast, Rossi is releasing the album that Calvin Hubbard is recording in the book. There will be companion episodes that will involve the real-time construction of the album—Calvin’s actual songwriting sessions—and provide some insight into the character’s creative process and how the action in the novel ultimately affects the song-writing.

“I’m extremely amped about the Harvey novel and podcast. With Crescent, the original soundtrack served as aural backdrop, with Harvey, the soundtrack is more intimately tied to the narrative.”

Rossi intends to form a band to bring the Harvey soundtrack as well as music from the Crescent soundtrack from studio to stage.
“My goal for 2009-10 is to get my band together and hit the road with some dates for a concert tour/book signing—again, showing that these seemingly disparate passions of mine are, in actuality, intimately linked.”

Rossi is currently editing his next novel 0 (Zero), what he calls a psychological romantic thriller, and recording a follow-up album to his 2008 release, Spent.A graphic novel project Crescent: the Asherah with Crescent cover artist Neil Aschliman is currently in development and takes place between Crescent and its sequel novel, New Memphis, currently being written.

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