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Ashburn, VA (August 27, 2008)—Author Phil Rossi, creator of the successful podcast novel Crescent, announced today that he has signed a book deal to publish a novel based on the podcast in 2009 by Dragon Moon Press. Additionally, Rossi announced that he has signed a contract with Sydney, Australia based production company, Precision Pictures, to bring Crescent to the screen in the near future. The film project is currently under development and is a separate deal from the book’s publication.

“Crescent”, is the story of Gerald Evans, a smoking, drinking anti-hero that comes to Crescent Station ” (the deep-space outpost upon which the story takes place) in search of fortune. This pursuit leads Gerald into a frightening world of greed and corruption, but, it’s when Gerald turns out the lights that the real story begins. Part Stephen King, part Philip K. Dick, Crescent is a unique tale that will surely establish Rossi’s literary career.

In 2007, Phil Rossi released a free audiobook version of Crescent as a “podcast novel.” Podcast novels, sometimes referred to as “podiobooks” are serialized, audio versions of a novel often read by the author. Listeners can “subscribe” (for free) to a novel via the internet and have chapters downloaded to their mp3 (iPod, Zune, etc) player for listening at their convenience. Rossi was a relative new comer to the “podcast novel” scene when Crescent launched in 2007, but it was not long before the book topped the iTunes and charts. Crescent also distinguished itself from the pack by featuring a full soundtrack written, composed, and performed by the author.

Since the time Crescent’s release in 2007, Rossi has cultivated a world-wide audience in the tens of thousands. “I couldn’t be happier about Dragon Moon Press bringing Crescent into print” Rossi said, “It’s all about telling the story to as many people as will listen. Getting Crescent into print is going to make it available to a whole new group of people. Not to mention, the loyal and supportive fans of the podcast are eager to get their hands onto a hard copy and I’m eager to deliver it to them.”

Gwen Gades, publisher, Dragon Moon Press had to say about Phil Rossi, “I’m more than pleased to have Phil Rossi as part of Dragon Moon Press’s growing roster of talent. Phil’s narrative style is as vivid and as it is engrossing. He posses an edginess and flair that will surely make him a standout in the genre.”

The Crescent podcast also caught the attention of Sydney-based film producer Simon Smithers who purchased the film rights for Crescent. The film adaptation of Crescent is presently under development.

“…the epic tale of good verses evil is about to expand into a new cinematic realm. After a stunning internet debut, the e is right to expand the crescent universe and bring it to a wider audience. I am delighted to be involved with this amazing project and look forward to bringing it to a screen near you,” says Simon Smithers of Precision Pictures, LTD.

According to the author, “Simon’s enthusiasm toward the project has been truly inspiring. Not many people know Crescent like Simon and our visions for a film are well-aligned. I look forward to driving him insane with my moody, artistic ways.”

Presently, Phil Rossi is releasing a short-fiction collection, Notes from the Vault, as a free podcast. He anticipates releasing the novella Eden” in late 2008 as well as his new novel “Harvey” in early 2009, both as free podcasts.

Rossi, also a professional musician, released his debut EP Spent in July of 2008 with plans for a follow-up album in 2009.

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