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Ashburn, VA (December 5th, 2008)–Phil Rossi, author of the successful podcast novel Crescent, Notes from the Vault, and the upcoming Eden, has announced a collaboration with graphic artist Neil Aschliman that will result in Crescent: The Asherah. A comic book series taking place in the Crescent universe, Crescent: The Asherah chronicles the journey of the starship Asherah.

Says Rossi about the story, “It’s is a survival story. Space is a big and strange place. There are lots of ways to get lost—even if you manage to take the right turns. The starship Asherah finds herself an incomprehensible distance from home. The adage “so close, yet so far” springs to mind.”

Crescent: the Asherah takes place between the end of the novel Crescent and the start of the Crescent sequel (currently being written).

Says Aschliman on the collaboration, “Crescent was steeped in haunting, beautiful imagery: by turns elegant, visceral, black and vibrant, but always deeply human. I am delighted to have the chance to tint the ‘Crescent’ universe - and beyond - with my own palette of the dark fantastic. Phil Rossi is a disturbed man. I think we will make a fine team.”

Crescent: the Asherah will debut as a serialized, digital comic with future plans for a fully blown multimedia experience.

“Neil’s art is dark, cruel, and simply put–spectacular. I know he’ll be able to bring some really bad, bad things to life.”

Crescent: the Asherah is slated for release in Spring of 2009.

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