It never fails to amaze me the cool people I’ve come into contact with through my adventures in podcasting.

I had the good fortune of spending a little time on the phone with Michael Port yesterday, courtesy of my good friend and uber-Crescent fan, Matt Walker. The name Michael Port might very well be familiar to you—Michael has been on the New York Times best seller list more than once (Book Yourself Solid and others) and has been heralded one hell of a marketing savvy bastard. This week, Michael released the Think Big Manifesto. The theme of the book relates very closely to what I’ve witnessed in the podcasting community over the past several years (and indeed, what has driven me forward in my continuing crusade for success as a writer). Thinking big, inspiring others to think big, and working together to not only advance the individual, but the community as well—that’s been the name of the game. Sigler is a great example, with his first big Amazon rush for Ancestor in particular, and how his listenership and fellow podcasters banded around him. Sigler was the first to attack the charts in such a crushing fashion and he has graciously helped others since. Timely thoughts with Crescent’s Amazon Rush just a couple months away–a rush that I want to be bigger, badder, and meaner than the original.

Talking to Michael really brought to mind the greatness of the podcasting community. With out such a strong, rallying, and encouraging group of authors, podcasters, and listeners, I’d hazard to say that Crescent would not have a listenership approaching 20,000 people (40,000 if you count both ears). Michael offered me encouragement on Crescent’s Amazon release and I’ve got a copy of the Think Big Manifesto coming in the mail. I think I’ll certainly relate to the book and hopefully will even take away something to help me take over the world on July 9, 2009. I’ll let you all know what I think—but after talking with Michael for a little while, I’m pretty confident this is something more than a self-help book, but an embodiment of how social-networking and community building is changing the way things are done ‘round these here parts.

And you, my faithful Rossifarians are the foundation of it all. Thanks for the support.

You can find the Think Big Manifesto here.

Michael Port’s web site.