I thought I’d just “blog” today.  Jam for a bit,  you know? Give you all a little stream of conscious with no heed for style, grammar, or mechanics.  The Amazon.com  Chart Rush is 9  mother flippin’ days away.  Hot damn. What’s the day to day build up been like?  Take a lot of caffeine, dump it into into an exhausted system, and it’s just like reanimating the dead–not a great idea but if things get out of hand, you can always shoot’m in the head.  I’m a manic, frantic package of energy, when I should really be face down in a stack of pillows for the amount of sleep I’m not getting and the number of calories I’m burning on promotion, parenthood, and just plain living.  Don’t take this as a complaint–it’s anything but.  I feel alive and grateful for all the wonderful shizzam that makes up my world.  Any day now, a case or two of books will be arriving at my house.  I’m not sure what my reaction will be, but it might involve baby oil, no shirt, and rolling around in these books and giggling like someone on an ether trip.