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Book Launch Update from June 26, 2009

The Crescent Amazon.com Rush on July 9, 2009:

On July 9th, 2009, Rossi Fans from around the world are going to simultaneously purchase Crescent at 1:00 pm Eastern and take the Amazon.com Horror and Science Fiction charts by storm. For the magic to work, everyone has to wait until this day (as close to 1:00pm eastern as is convenient). I will be live on uStream giving updates on the Chart Rush and performing both music and readings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 1:00 pm Eastern is a *target time.* If the closet to 1:00 pm that you can buy the book is say, 7:00 pm Eastern, so be it. Every purchase on July 9th, 2009 counts. This is a battle where strength in numbers counts

Below is the Amazon link for easy reference. You may be tempted to pre-order Crescent or purchase it earlier than July 9th, 2009–wait…remember…the magic.

Crescent on Amazon.com

July 9th, 2009–that’s 7.9.09. Mark on your calendars, painted on your chest, spread the word. Let’s take those charts and devour them.

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About Crescent

“Crescent is the last stop at the intergalactic crossroads of gritty sci-fi and pucker-inducing horror.” –Scott Sigler, New York Times bestselling author of Contagious

“Crescent is the ultimate sci-fi / horror mashup. It’s a wicked blend of the claustrophobia seen in Ridley Scott’s Alien, and the viral demonology of Carpenter’s Prince Of Darkness with the hard-drinkin’ bad attitude of Battlestar Galactica added for good measure. The future has never been so frightening. Phil Rossi brings it.” –J.C. Hutchins, author of Personal Effects: Dark Art and 7th Son: Descent

“Phil Rossi has crafted a space station tale with sex, horror, and vibrant attention to tech and human detail. Evocatively served, highly recommended.” —Paul Levinson, author of The Plot to Save Socrates

Darkness has inspired fear since mankind first watched the sun go down. Bad things hide in the dark feral beasts with mouths full of razors waiting for a taste of flesh. But now, the darkness is stirring with a life of its own. Crescent Station is the last bastion of civilization, floating in the cold, outer systems where colonized space gives way to the sparser settlements of the Frontier. Like the boom towns of distant Earth s Old American West, Crescent Station is a gateway to power, wealth, and opportunity for anyone who isn t afraid to get his or her hands dirty. But deep within the station s bowels, in Crescent s darkest and most secret places, an ancient evil is awakening and hungry, and it threatens the very fabric of space and time. Will the residents of Crescent Station find a way to stop it before the terror drives them insane? Or is it already too late?

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